It's Not That Serious


It's Not That Serious is a little faux brand that I haphazardly spun into some sort of chic, edgy mindset coaching... thing. It's a little bit retro, a lotta bit cool, and all in the name of not taking anything too darn seriously.

I had found myself saying this phrase a lot in my own life as a reminder that life is really just a ride, and there's no need to add unnecessary stress worrying over things that can't be controlled. 

Stressing over how often you've posted to socials this week? It's not that serious. Feel guilty taking a day to rest because you need it? It's not that serious. Obsessing over the timing of a product launch? It's! Not! That! Serious!

I decided to create an imaginary brand identity that would stand out in the highly competitive business industry of New York City. I imagined that, if this business and mindset coach were a real client of mine, she would seek a brand identity that attracted clients who knew full well they were a little bit bad*** and just needed the right coach to step into their full entrepreneurial power. It needed to appeal to entrepreneurs with an empowered energy who have been waiting to find the right coach to speak to them in a way (we call that brand voice!) that was bold and 'boss babe-esque.'

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