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Where melody meets innovation, narrative is prioritized, and collaboration is key. As a Hollywood film composer, Assaf Rinde brings a blend of excellence and approachability to every single project. With a focus on building lasting relationships with the directors and producers, Assaf Rinde’s brand embodies sleek modernity infused with warmth and depth. The surface level is left behind for the sake of the story, and the brand’s ethos is clear in every facet of the visual identity.

Assaf Rinde’s design language is modern, clean, and nothing short of distinctive. The entirety of the brand emphasizes balance-- in design, in voice, and in tone. Where the brand is bold, it is equally understated. Where it is modern, it is also grounded in approachability. Where it is sophisticated, it is matched with humility and minimalism.

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"I cannot tell you how excited I am and how impressed I am with your super high standards, endless creativity, and how much intention there is behind every tiny little detail. The design is incredibly out of the box yet approachable, warm, and slick as hell! I really cannot thank you enough!! I loved the entire experience beginning to end: a pure joy, super collaborative and interactive, and of course, incredible end results that I'm truly obsessed with. I particularly enjoyed the mood-board video call experiment, it was a lot of fun and it triggered so much excitement, while also giving me (aka the client) the confidence that we are indeed on the right path and on the same page, both personally and professionally."

assaf rinde
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