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Brie Danielle Photography is a couples and wedding photographer specializing in documentary-style photographs defined by their poeticism and intimacy. The project goal was to create a brand that felt equal parts elevated and down-to-earth to attract ideal couples.

We simply love how the Brie Danielle Photography brand captures both the warm, delicate identity that Brie was striving for AND the warmth of Brie herself. We sought to craft a brand that encapsulated what working with Brie is actually like through out-of-the-box use of white space, playing with symmetry, and an impactful brand voice.

The website matches the value that Brie provides as a photographer and service provider, making it possible for her to execute her brand and new pricing with confidence. 

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"Taking a leap and investing in my business was so hard for me to do at first, but I believe this will go down as one of the most important things I could do for the health and future of my business. Not only did I receive incredible brand identity and a beautiful website, but I learned so much about what I truly want my business to look and feel like and the way I want to serve my clients. Natascha is unbelievably knowledgeable, down to earth, kind-hearted, and is completely and genuinely interested in building a brand that is sustainable for long term goals. You can tell that she truly cares and the whole process is very collaborative. So blown away by what she created for my business and will forever recommend her over and over again."

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