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Cait n' Her Camera is a couples and wedding photography business founded on four core values: joy, chaos (but in a good way), celebration, and warmth. There is nothing prim and posed about the photography that comes from Cait, and the same is true for the brand. It is colorful, vivacious, and energetic. It's everything Cait wants her clients to feel, from the moment they send their first inquiry to the day their final gallery shows up in their inbox.

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"I truly sat here just staring for a few minutes because I honestly don't know where to start. I actually am tearing up over this whole experience right now-- and actually not just saying it. I have real tears in my eyes. 

You are the best thing I have ever done for my business. And honestly, for myself. I'm still working on it but the confidence I have gained through this process has been pretty darn life changing. To be completely forth coming, I have lost confidence in myself as a business owner and creative over the last 8 years... This process has brought me out of that in ways I never expected. I feel like I have direction and something unique to offer potential clients. I have renewed excitement for this job. It is an honest to God breath of fresh air. 

I would recommend anyone and everyone to you without hesitation. Oh geez, here I go again, tearing up. I will never get over this. Forever and ever grateful and we have only just begun. Thank you times a million gajillion. I am seriously your biggest fan. YOU ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST MY FRIEND!!!!!"

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