Jillian Whitaker

logo kit + aesthetic direction

Jillian Whitaker is a Hollywood film composer known for her classical, Americana style. We aimed to design a brand that would establish Jillian as a serious competitor in her industry. 

In Jillian's initial questionnaire, she shared her frustrations with being a woman in a male-dominated industry and how necessary it was for her branding to elevate her professional identity while still playing to nuances of what it's like to work with her on a film score, nuances like warmth, flow, and ease. In addition to sourcing a typeface that emulated those values, we crafted a logo kit that contained a balance of feminine and masculine qualities, as well as highlighted Jillian's love for modern architecture with stark glyphs and contemporary colors.

take it from jillian

“The more I look at my new aesthetic direction, the more I fall COMPLETELY in love with it! It is absolutely spot on. I am just blown away by the creativity, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail.”

jillian whitaker
film composer || brand design

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