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Welcome to Tayler Dumas Photography, where the art of capturing the third most important yes in your life (right after “Yes, I will marry you,” and “Yes, I do want fries with that”) is the name of the game. Tayler isn't just another wedding and elopement photographer. She's a nostalgia lover with a camera, chasing the kind of authentic moments that make a person wish time machines were a real thing.

What truly makes Tayler's work a slice above your average three-tiered wedding cake is her complete and total commitment to organic, evocative storytelling. We designed a brand that served to communicate the degree of authenticity that comes from working with Tayler, both in experience and outcome. The visual identity aims to be as effortless and comfortable as working with Tayler herself, with a timelessness that mirrors the spirit of her photography-- crafted to stand the test of time and evoke the same emotions years from now as it does today. 

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