The Therapy Forest

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The Therapy Forest is a therapy collective founded by Elyse Vesser, MSW, LCSW. Elyse came to us with a stunning, unique vision for her clients-- to create a judgment-free space for exploration and healing. She came to her own healing by way of exploring the Earth, and she wanted to create a brand that communicated the possibility of the same for others.

So, we set to work designing one of our absolute favorite brands to date. We wanted to craft something that felt like complete and total reconnection-- to self, to hope, and to nature. We sought to create a visual identity that communicated to Elyse's ideal clients not only that healing and recovery is possible, but also that it can be an adventure in and of itself. Moreover, we really wanted to convey the relatability of Elyse's own healing journey and how that only makes her that much more of an impactful service provider to her clients.

After establishing a set of core values and refining Elyse's marketing message, we wrote the tagline: "Where mind, body, and Earth meet." From there, the Americana-esque, tastefully-vintage visual details fell into place. We're absolutely OBSESSED with the warm, circa 70s color palette inspired by an equally environmentally-conscious Swedish backpack brand that we personally know and love (and own a fair few backpacks from)-- Fjällraven Kanken. With a stamp-inspired logo kit, retro typography, and an intentional use of brand elements like graph paper and hand-drawn mushrooms, The Therapy Forest emulates the exploration of coming to know oneself through and through. 

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